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YGroup is a group of coherent businesses established in 2013.

At YGroup we share an entrepreneurial mind-set, a compelling passion to create and, more importantly, a firm belief in our risk-sharing business model which is embedded in our culture and safeguarded as we evolve.

Our Values

  • Enjoy what you do & do what you enjoy
  • Be triggered by variety but maintain focus
  • Invest in your beliefs and ideas
  • Take responsibility and ownership, show guts
  • Build on quality, without any compromise

Our Businesses


YStrategists is a rapidly growing strategy consulting firm based in Amsterdam. We believe strategy needs to be bespoke. For a strategy to work and add value, it needs to be tailored and continuously fitted until it sticks within the organisation. Therefore, strategy is all about execution and alignment.

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YDatalytics provides predictive data analyses and solutions that create deeper insights into our clients’ businesses through complex internal and external data analyses using advanced statistical tools and algorithms. These insights allow our clients to improve the accuracy of their entrepreneurial intuition to drive decision making.

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YCapital is an independent private equity firm focusing on medium-sized enterprises in the Benelux region. We aim to invest in companies which seek active support in realising their full potential. We create significant value for a company, supporting its owners and management during impactful events like professionalising their organisation after a period of strong growth, strategic reorientation, succession issues, big organisational change programmes, buy & builds, carve outs and/or kick starting new growth cycles.

Our propositions are coherent and complement each other. Our quantitative knowledge and approach helps when forming strategic insights and vice versa.


Selection of our current career opportunities.

We are always looking for talented individuals for our businesses, even if we don’t have specific positions listed on our website. Don’t hesitate to connect with us if you are interested to find out more about Y.

We currently have 9 career openings.


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